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Songs and Dances
Blue Moth
Andrew Violette and Ben Capps
Songs and Dances
Innova Records, 2010

1. Fanfare
2. Contradance
3. Elegy
  4. Waltz
  5. Lullaby
6. Tarantella
7. Hymn
  8. Minuet
Play Track 9. Blues
Play Track 10. Swing
  11. Slow Hungarian
Play Track 12. Fast Hungarian
  13. Waves
  14. Haitian Dance
  15. Gymnopedie
  16. Rhapsody
  17. Wagoner’s Lad
  18. Sarabande
  19. Venetian Boat Song
20. Latin

Songs and Dances
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"Young cello phenomenon from New York named Benjamin Capps has one foot in the uptown Manhattan barrio of his early years, another foot in that cathedral of midtown classicism, Juilliard, and another foot – okay, the instrument´s peg – on the road as the principal cellist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the America...the irrepressible Ben Capps´s dazzling technique and a fearsomely meaty tone…make [Songs and Dances] a swinging experience."
-The Holland Times.