Cello Lessons & Free Studio Classes (Online!)

Are you interested in signing up for online cello classes for yourself or your child? Reach out for more info on becoming part of our online cello studio.  Students of all ages are welcome!

You can find a narrative of my teaching credentials below:

I began teaching at a young age. While pursuing my undergraduate degree I began coaching at chamber music festivals in NYC and Europe. While I was pursuing my Master’s Degree at Juilliard, I was the teaching assistant to David Soyer, of the Guarneri Quartet. My duties included organizing lesson schedules for him, organizing and directing studio/performance classes for the studio, teaching private lessons to his two pre-college (young adult) students. I was primarily responsible for their progress and preparations for college auditions. They both got into top choice schools: McGill University and Juilliard. In the following year I was invited to serve as Bonnie Hampton’s teaching assistant for two consecutive years at Juilliard. My duties were similar to those listed above.

I had the great opportunity to serve as cello professor at Hunter College in NYC for seven years. At Hunter College, I encountered many different types of students: from cello majors to more casual music minors. More importantly, I had the opportunity to work with students whose unique physical limitations, or other obstacles to playing cello, challenged the traditional teaching model. 

 At music festivals around the world, I have had students that won performance prizes. Teaching masterclasses in various international locations while on tour is a very exciting combination of teaching and performing. One such experience I had was to lead a week long educational and performance residency at Northern Michigan University. Another memorable experience was leading rehearsals and teaching music to under served youth in South Africa. 

I consider myself a lifelong student of music and other gifted educators.